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Courtney Wilson (Puebla, Mexico)

Courtney serves with the Globalscope campus ministry El Pozo and with the CMF Church Catalyst team, both in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

Courtney found her passion for student ministry while attending Georgia Tech, which led her to Mexico in 2007. Since then, a lot has changed! Courtney now serves part-time at El Pozo, working with college students at la Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) and other local universities. She also serves part-time with Church Catalyst, working with local foster homes to help older youth with their transition into adulthood. Her abilities and passion for providing community for students so they can develop a relationship with Jesus Christ are used daily in both ministries.

Courtney and her husband, Jow, were married in 2014. They have three children: Victoria (2016), Dominic (2018) and Phoenix (2019).
Harry McSween (Andrews, North Carolina)

Harry McSween is originally from Woodstock, GA, and first came to Snowbird as a camper in 2004. Later, he served on Servant Team (LMNT) in 2005, moved on to Summer Staff, and then settled into a full-time position as the OLD School assistant. Now, Harry is our Media Manager and makes sure every video we produce is top-notch. He and his wife, Tanya, have three amazing kids: Keller, Penny, and Tess.
Harry has watched SWO make a Gospel impact in people, locally and globally, and he loves being able to tell a part of that story. While here, Harry and Tanya are growing their photography business, and he’s finishing his degree at Leavell College.

Osman & Leslie Echeverría (Honduras)

Since Leslie was a young girl, she has had a heart for missions. It was hard to explain, but it was an urgent call to tell others about Christ: others who were in distant lands, others from different cultures. She got involved in local missions at her church and with other members of her family or church friends. In 2005, she graduated with a BS in cross-cultural studies and felt confident God was going to take her “overseas” to be a missionary. She was happy about becoming a single missionary. However, God had other plans.

The Echevarrías are honored to join the World Gospel Mission team in Honduras to contribute the gifts and talents God has blessed them with. They want to put them to use in the projects WGM already has going on. God has also burdened their hearts to minister to pastors, couples, and young people who are struggling.

Unnamed Missionaries to Africa

Hillside supports missionaries to Africa. Their personal information has been removed as a safety precaution. If you would like to learn more or connect with these missionaries personally, please contact Sarah.
The Lindseys (The Balkans)

The Lindsays are currently serving on a disciple making movements team in the Balkans in an area that is predominantly Muslim. They support their local church by regularly participating in church activities, serving,  and supporting their work with the youth. Their organization also hosts English classes and provides humanitarian aid when possible.

Are you being called to Missions?

If you feel called to long-term missions, we would love to hear how we could be a part of your journey! Please fill out this form here and let us know about your plans.