Worship Ministries

When the word ‘worship’ is mentioned, too often we think of a one hour service that typically happens on a Sunday morning. While this is not false, it is not completely accurate either.
Worship is a lifestyle. It is a relationship with God.

Anything and everything that we do can be an act of worship, as long as it glorifies God!
We are increasingly convinced that we learn – about everything, including God – in a variety of ways. Because of this, you will discover that Hillside’s worship experiences employ a variety of means to express the same core Gospel message of truth. Hillside’s Worship Ministries seeks to utilize as many creative ways as possible to convey Christ’s love and forgiveness.

Worship At Hillside

9:30am Modern

Modern worship begins with songs of praise and worship led by our praise team.  We offer songs, sermon, and interactive worship that often includes multimedia elements and drama. Holy Communion is served at these services on the first Sunday of the month. Nursery and Sunday School is offered during this worship service for all ages. For more about Modern Worship, click here.

11:15am Traditional

 During this service, we worship our Lord with a traditional Methodist format which includes the singing of hymns, recitation of historic Creeds, and praying the Lord’s Prayer.  Holy Communion is serve the first Sunday of each month. Nursery and Sunday School is offered during this worship service for all ages.
For more information about Traditional Worship, click here.

Guest Services

Our desire at Hillside is to insure that each person entering our doors will experience the Love of Christ. We do this through the loving commitment of our Guest Services team which includes greeters, ushers, parking greeters, and our welcome desk. This team will help guide you in where to parking, to Sunday School,  to children's programs and worship. Ask us any questions and we will do our best to keep you informed.

First time guest? Visit the welcome desk after worship for your free gift.

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